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Great Lakes Subaru in Findlay, OH serves the wonderful people of Northwest Ohio, and we know how much you love Subaru's versatility and Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. Of course, we're committed to providing a complete line of new Subaru vehicles as well as quality used cars. We know you also love having the financing resources you need to drive your favorite vehicle home, so we've compiled a comprehensive comparison of the benefits of leasing and the benefits of buying below.

Benefits of a Subaru loan: Your chance to really own it

When you find the Subaru you love most, consider getting it with a car loan so ultimately, you really can own it. With a car loan, you'll be getting a bigger share of ownership in that vehicle every month when you make your payment. As you build your cash stake in your Subaru sedan, wagon or SUV, you're creating real value that you can someday use to help buy your next Subaru. That day comes when you sell your Subaru or trade it in.

We can help you get a car loan and help make it a good one

We strongly suggest you complete our online credit application even before you visit us, so you know how much you can finance. That can save a lot of time at the dealership and make it easier to focus on the right vehicle. Once you get approved, we can tap into our network of local lenders and help you get the best loan rate currently available, whether you live in Tiffin, Fostoria, OH or any other nearby community.

Benefits of a Subaru lease: Better cash flow almost instantly

The key attraction of a lease for most Subaru buyers is that the monthly payments are lower than you'd pay if you financed the same vehicle with a loan. You won't own that Subaru or build cash value you can use toward your next vehicle, but if you want to free up more monthly cash flow, a Subaru lease helps you do that.

At the end of your lease, just drop off your Subaru and get a new one

Another lease benefit: When your lease ends, one option is just to drop off your vehicle, sign up for another lease and drive home to Upper Sandusky or Kenton, OH with a brand-new Subaru. You'll have no worries about the hassle of selling your old car. If you like getting a new car every three years or so, a lease is a good way to do that.

At lease-end, you do have to pay for any excess wear and tear or damage to the vehicle, and if your mileage driving near Lima, OH, or wherever you live, is higher than the annual mileage cap in your lease contract, there's an excess mileage fee. There are obviously advantages to both a loan and a lease, so our finance experts can help you think it all through and help you decide which strategy works best for your financial objectives.

Our high cash and trade-in offers make both financing choices even better

We're making the highest cash and trade-in offers in our history, so the extra money we can offer for your used car can make it easier to get your next Subaru, or any pre-owned vehicle you might be looking at. We can work with you regardless of credit history, so check our "Value Your Trade" tool to see your car's high value, browse our new or used inventory and then come in for a test drive soon at Great Lakes Subaru in Findlay, OH.